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Construction Guarantee Bonds and Performance Bonds Insurance

At BBi Ireland we pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge and ability to understand our client’s varied needs irrespective of which business sector they operate in.

Whether you require a one off bond or are looking to obtain a new bond facility, replace an old facility or are seeking additional facilities we have the specialist knowledge to help you. Regardless of how complex or simple your needs, we are here to assist.

Construction Guarantee Bonds

Construction Guarantee bonds are essentially performance bonds which are geared towards the construction sector and specific forms of construction contracts.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds are often required in commercial contracts, particularly in Construction. An indemnity, usually between 10 and 20% of contract value, is sought by the Employer against loss or damage in the event of a Contractor or Supplier failing to perform the terms of the contract. Specific one-off requirements can also be underwritten.

BBi Ireland is able to source Performance Bonds and Guarantees among other offerings from a wide range of Surety providers and will arrange your Bond quickly and simply. All costs, terms and conditions will be discussed with you and we will work hard to get the best option for you.

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