Commercial Property Insurance

We can search among some of Ireland’s, the UK and internationally recognised insurance companies to arrange cover for you, and we can even include residential property.

Thanks to our strong relationship with specialist commercial property insurers and underwriters, we can find the right cover for your business. BBi Group has amassed a wealth of experience placing cover for risks ranging from single properties to portfolios with an asset value exceeding £100bn. Our expertise is recognised by our insurer partners and allows us to arrange covers that aim to enhance the widest All Risks terms usually available.

The service we provide is tested by the most demanding of clients and we consistently exceed their expectations. Organising a property portfolio requires us to be part of our client’s strategy whilst providing constant, intelligent, innovative service levels that impress tenants, banks and other stakeholders.

Investors and tenants benefit from detailed attention being paid to the terms of leases and other risk control measures that help to reduce claims and make cover more appropriate.

We can help you protect your commercial property investment by arranging the right package of insurance cover, from a single commercial property to an entire commercial property portfolio.

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