Self Storage & Removal Insurance

Self Storage companies and Removal Contractors face risks, and need the right insurance to cover your business, and your customers, when you need it most.

BBi Ireland is experienced in working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether files have been destroyed by burst pipe flooding or property damaged during the removal process, we can tailor cover to match you and your customer needs, giving you peace of mind to focus on your business.

Why use BBi Ireland for Self Storage & Removal Insurance

A-Rated Insurer

As an A-Rated Insurer, BBi Ireland ensures you can trust our advice, our service, and most importantly, your cover.

Extensive Cover

Our exclusive access is designed specifically for the Removal & Self Storage sector, offering combined cover to businesses across multiple European countries.

Dedicated Team

BBi Ireland have extensive knowledge of cover types and offer a dedicated account manager and claims team so you can focus your time on running your business.

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Which Insurance Cover is right for you?

Removers & Contractors

Removers & Contractors

If you need professional assistance to physically move commercial property, such as working with Removal Contractors, BBi Ireland offer tailored cover to protect your business.

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Self Storage

Self Storage

Whether you’re looking for a new office, actually moving premises, file storage or making space at work, BBi Ireland help you protect you and your property when in your storage unit.

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What makes our Self Storage & Removal Insurance the right option for you?


Loss, Damage or Destruction

Loss, damage or destruction to Property caused by, not limited to, fire, flood, burst pipes OR Theft accompanied by, but not limited to, forcible or violent entry or exit OR impact by vehicles & aircraft and damage caused by, but not limited to dropping of container.

Claim Settlements

Replace, Repair and/or Compensation

The settlement of any claim shall be by replacement, repair and/or compensation at Insurers' option. On the event of total loss or destruction of any article covered, the basis of settlement shall be the cost of replacing the article as new.


Limited to Physical Cost

In respect of documents, the basis of claims settlement shall be limited to the physical cost of replacing the documents and/or cost of reprinting, re-issue and/or reconstitution but excluding the value of the information contained thereon.

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Why use BBi Ireland?

Our Heritage

BBi Ireland have the industry knowledge, insurance experience and ease of access to new and exciting markets.

35+ years’ experience

With extensive, up-to-date knowledge of the latest legislation and health & safety issues faced by companies across Ireland.

Dedicated Account Manager

We have specific service level agreement with insurer partners ensuring our clients get the best service in the market.

Flexible Cover

Our cover and payment methods are flexible so you can choose the premium that suits your business needs.

Dedicated Claims Team

Unlike most providers, BBi Ireland have an experienced team of professionals looking after your needs when you need us the most.

One Stop Shop

Get covered across your van, fleet, household, personal accident and even include any other assets your business owns.