Marine, Haulage and Worldwide Cargo Insurance

All marine cover is dependent on the terms of trade being used in the sale or purchase of goods. Internationally recognised I.N.C.O. terms will be the basis of most shipments and these terms will also determine the insurable interest in goods at the time of any loss. Insurance should be arranged to include all your trading conditions for both Irish internal shipments and international movements, cross shipments and storage.

We do specialise in the insurance of cargo of all types. We advise clients involved in worldwide trade in electrical goods, clothing, machinery, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and general cargo.

Arranging cover of a worldwide all risks stock throughput policy with static stock extensions can simplify and widen cover whilst ensuring that control of claims handling remains within your organisation and not outsourced to your freight and haulage providers.

Clients also frequently misconceive their cover in respect of the worldwide terrorism risk. Considerable changes have taken place over recent years in the market availability and cost of this insurance we are able to help clients manage their global storage and transit terrorism risk.

We are also able to advise on all transport (RHA, CMR, Freight Forwarding and UKWA) terms insurance covers together with general advice in respect of All Risks specific goods insurance.

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