Cyber Insurance

Cyber risk is real and happening at all levels. Fraudsters are mainly targeting SME’s companies not just PLC’s, yet PLC’s get more publicity as their losses are usually higher and they have to report losses to the stock market. It is highly unlikely that your business has not been targeted in some way or another.

For most organisations, the IT infrastructure is fundamental to the successful operation of the company. Most companies use IT to handle management information, employee records and finance functions. Almost every organisation is exposed to loss resulting from damage or destruction of its computers and computer networks. Any intrusion can disrupt your company and cause loss of profit, regulatory issues and damage to your reputation.

Cyber Insurers

BBi have access to specific Cyber insurers that provide cutting edge cover for both third and first party losses to help you control the impact of a cyber threat. Cover can include System Damage, Loss of Profits, Consequential Reputational Costs, Regulatory Fines, Cyber Theft and Crisis Communication Costs.

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